Unparalleled Post-UPCAT Review Support

UPCAT Review Support

For most UPCAT review centers, service ends with the last day of the UPCAT review when, in fact, getting into UP involves a lot of separate steps – each with its own potential of giving you a ginormous headache.

* Where do you start and get your UPCAT Application form?
* How do you fill out the UPCAT Application form?
* Where will you mail it?
* How will you pay your UPCAT Testing fee? Do you even need to pay that fee?
* What if you failed to submit your forms before the submission deadline?
* What if your UPCAT testing permit did not arrive in time for the UPCAT?

[Side note: Once, we actually spent the night before the UPCAT looking for the UPCAT proctor that UP sent to Naga City, just so we can help one of our students get her testing permit.]

* What other universities should you apply for while waiting for your UPCAT results?
* What to do if you got a pending result in the UPCAT?
* What to do if your UPCAT Result is “Degree Program with Available Slot?”
* How to Apply for Reconsideration if you failed the UPCAT?
* I got an invite for the UP Summer Bridge Program! What do I do??

And countless other questions that are just too many to mention….

We know that a little help and advice in these times go a long, long way in helping students take that BIG step to college. With Review Masters, you can rest easy. You can be sure that we will still be here to help you deal with all the little things, all the minor details, all the obstacles that stand in your way to finally becoming a UP student (or a student of some other big university you chose in lieu of UP).