Online Review Component

Online UPCAT Review

Technology has opened up vast opportunities for improving education, and review centers that are not taking advantage of this are depriving their students of a much needed boost in improving their chances of passing the UPCAT.

Online Live Classes, for example, have made it possible for the very best Review Masters review instructors to teach students from all over the Philippines no matter where they are – whether they be in Ilocos or in Davao .

[Side note: If you can’t live with the subjunctive phrasing above, try this one on for size: “- whether they are in Ilocos or in Davao.” ^_^]

The Internet has also enabled us to make available to our students TONS of UPCAT Review materials that would have cost far more than the review fee to print and distribute offline.

Through the Online Review Portal, review students can download 11 Volumes of UPCAT Reviewers and more than 2,000 Practice questions that they can use to further prepare themselves for the UPCAT.