The Best UPCAT Review Mentors

UPCAT Review Mentors

We have the Best Review Mentors in Bicol. All of our Review Instructors are UP Graduates, and they’re not just any UP Graduates, either. They graduated with honors. Last year, our mentors were a mix of Magna Cum Laudes and Cum Laudes.

Our instructors are current or past members of the UP Faculty, and they have been teaching in their respective fields for several years now and have been teaching UPCAT review classes for many years as well. Thus, our instructors are subject matter experts – definitely the type of mentor you want when you’re cramming (yes, you’re already cramming at this point) for college entrance tests.

Our review mentors, moreover, are sent here all the way from Metro Manila. So if you want Metro Manila quality review, we definitely have that, too.

In a nutshell, our mentors are not your run-of-the-mill review instructors. They are people you’ll be so glad to know, follow, learn from, and listen to – and they’re the best people to help you cram (yes, you’re already cramming) for the UPCAT and other college entrance tests.