First-Rate UPCAT Review Materials

UPCAT Review Materials

This is one of the Major Differences between Review Masters and other UPCAT Review Centers – and this is one factor you can’t afford to ignore when assessing the quality of Review Centers.

Review Masters UPDATES ITS REVIEWER YEARLY and ADAPTS it to the feedback we got from UPCAT takers and other UP Sources the year before. We spend most of our post-UPCAT months revising and upgrading our Review Materials to make sure that our students review only the most essential subjects for the UPCAT and not the useless stuff that will just take vital memory space and are not even remotely likely to appear in the actual UPCAT.

Rest assured, at Review Masters,

1. We do NOT get our review questions from generic SAT reviewer books.

2. Our UPCAT Reviewers are ORIGINAL and written by our own mentors.

How is this important, you might very well ask. Well, consider this. Several years ago, UP did away with (or at least minimized the use of) the “None of the Above”/ “All of the Above” choices in UPCAT questions, but other review centers are still training their students with review questions that include such options. Review Masters, on the other hand, changed their materials immediately in response.

Several years ago, UP also did away with the “Find the Error” section in the Filipino Subtest of the UPCAT. Last year, this subsection was included once more. Needless to say, Review Masters responded by modifying its review program both times.

And whatever change may be forthcoming – style-wise, subject-wise, requirements-wise – you can be sure that Review Masters will remain at the forefront of the UPCAT review industry and will respond to changes immediately.

The Review Masters’ way of preparing it’s students for the UPCAT is to make them study SMARTER – definitely not HARDER nor LONGER – and our first-rate Review Materials have always reflected and will always reflect this philosophy. At Review Masters, we screen, filter and choose the topics our students need to focus on, and all our students have to do is focus on those topics every day until the day of the UPCAT. That’s really smart, because there’s just no way one can cram 1st-3rd year of high school in one summer, is there?

So study smart for the UPCAT and other college entrance tests. Review with THE Review Masters.