Predictive UPCAT Simulation Exam

UPCAT Review UPCAT Simulation Exam

The burning question in every student’s mind – especially after the UPCAT Review is – “What are my Chances of Passing the UPCAT?”

For more than 10 years now, Review Masters has been tracking the UPCAT Simulation Exams scores of thousands of RM Reviewees nationwide and correlating them with these students’ actual UPCAT performance.

And here’s what we found out:

*99.99% of those whose Review Masters simulation exam score is at least 75% actually passed the UPCAT.

*About 80% of those who got a Review Masters simulation exam score of at least 60% eventually got into UP.

So Review Masters differentiates itself yet again from other review centers. With Review Masters, you have a way of knowing your actual chances in the UPCAT.

And this – this knowing your chances – WILL help you, we promise. If your chances are good, you can keep studying to keep it that way. If you need a little push to make it, then you will have time to study more and thus give yourself that needed push.

So IF you absolutely want to know YOUR own chances of passing the UPCAT this August and if you want to base it on more than 10 years’ worth of data instead of a vague “Congratulations, you got a high score!”, you know where to enroll.