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review masters upcat review

Review Masters was like summer school except it was fun! i never thought that re-learning all those things could be so enjoyable. Because review masters did not just prepare me for my entrance exams and help me gain new friends but it also made me realize that all you need is determination and strength to get the things that you want in life. thanks rm! 🙂

Kristiana Cajes
upcat review legazpi review masters

Simply the best….. pumasok lang ako para maging better student lumabas aq as a better man

Kim Listor
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Lucky for me my parents enrolled me in an UPCAT Review offered by Review Masters. The mentors did not only give lessons that can help ace exams, but also succeed in life.

Allan Maravilla
upcat review legazpi sorsogon students

Words can’t describe. I am so thankful sa RM! It definitely helped me with my review for the UPCAT and other college entrance tests. I had no regrets! Ever since deciding upon going to RM, I knew it wasn’t just a review center – wasn’t just ANY other review center. I met friends whom I can cherish forever (and still see in UP). 😀 Our instructors gave us all in just 2 weeks. You can’t get that from any other review center in Bicol tbh + all reviewers and Virtual Classes aside from the Class Review. 😀 Thank you! 😀 It’s a bit overused but let me just say that my summer was indeed amazing and productive thanks to RM! – Gab

Gabriel Josef Gabito
upcat review bicol groufie

Thanks Review Masters for a helpful and worthwhile experience. Not only did I get the best review method, I also got advices for my future endeavors. Isa pa, it is really fun here in RM. Thanks po ulit and God bless. 😀

Lorenz Anthony Caldito
upcat review naga boys having fun

RM was a rad experience. We were able to pass our college entrance tests thanks to their creative training and support even with the review classes over. Thank you RM!

Kaye Estrada
UPCAT Review Naga students

RM gave me the best summer yet! So much games and activities. No one will ever be bored during classes (not like most school days) because even the teachers were super fun. Not only did I experience reviewing with my friends during summertime but also, I met amazing people coming form all over Bicoll, even Masbate! Who knew I’d have the chance to meet someone way far from here? I could have not passed my dream school if it wasnt for RM. Thank you! 🙂

Kassandra Cana
upcat review legazpi

Best decision I’ve made so far Ngayon ko lang namiss na pumasok sa klase 🙂
Nung una, naghesitate ako na pumasok because the thought of meeting new people kinda scared me. But I found myself enjoying people’s company. And all the professors were brilliant. Sila yung mga teachers na hindi mo kayang hindi makinig sa kanila. Why? Simply because they’re intelligent and mad (haha peace). Review Masters helped me in so many ways. I will always remember those 2 weeks

Bethany Jayne Carizo
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I always thought that it was already too late – that there’s no way I could pass my dream school’s entrance exam. But, it was never too late. If it weren’t for Review Masters, I couldn’t have passed ACET. Preparing for college entrance exams with the Review Masters is one of the best decisions I ever made. Thank you, RM!

Mica Sibal Mariano
upcat review legazpi sorsogon students

Thank You Review Masters!

Peter Joshua Ortega
upcat review naga lovely students

Review Masters is indeed a quality review center for us. In return, we will do the best to pass the UPCAT this year. Thank you RM. God bless.

Maria Krsihna Jove
upcat review naga

Success definitely favors the prepared. It also favors the awesome. Thanks, RM!

David Naval
upcat review legazpi lovely students

The best Review Center for Upcat EVER!!! its a sure way to pass Upcat Really nice and Thank you so much 😀

Lester Jason Cheng
upcat review summer class

It’s not your ordinary summer review. RM doesn’t just stuff your brain with the knowledge you need for the UPCAT, instead it provides you with a fun summer experience by meeting new friends and teachers, gaining tips and first-hand experiences from mentors, and most importantly boosts your confidence in taking any test be that an entrance test or just a simple quiz. It’s definitely a good summer investment. 🙂

Rickdane Gomez
upcat review legazpi students having fun

My summer was definitely worth it! Review Masters is the best of what it does. Thank you! 😀

Gian Mendones
upcat review naga classroom review

Ang saya sa RM :)))))))
Sobrang worth it ang pag enroll

Alaine Cabanza
upcat review bicol side mission

Great teachers, fun side missions and sigsheet missions, updated review materials, and amazing post-review support? Where can RM go wrong?

Angel Naval Jr.
upat review bicol fun

“Because success favors the prepared” – one of the best slogans I ever heard and it’s very catchy, but unlike most commercial slogans, it’s actually TRUE. It’s not just the classes, but I got to feel “college”. All our parents tell us what it’s like to be in college, but only here at RM did I understand their stories. Pass or fail there will be no regrets here.

Reb Malaya Mejino
upcat review bicol students wacky

Four words. TOO BAD IT’S OVER. Review Masters gave me the best summer review experience and the best summer, as well. I never expected this review to be THAT fun. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also gained new friends who made my two weeks exciting and grand! Everything was worth it! Thank you so much RM!

Arnina Virgina Balde
review masters upcat review legazpi

Hindi kompleto yung pagiging bata ko kung hindi ako nagReview. – yan ang totoo

Marami akong natutunan, Maraming mga aral ang aking nalaman. Nagkaroon ako ng maraming kaibigan at higit sa lahat, natutunan kong mag-mahal

Joke lng . HAHA

Lahat kami maswerte kasi Nagkaroon kami ng karanasan na maka-review

Kenneth James Santiago
upcat review naga

The UPCAT review offered by Review Masters is something YOU SHOULDN’T MISS. The professors either graduated from UP or teach in UP plus the supplementary materials are very helpful. Every Wednesday, Friday I come home from school and attend the online review which serves as a refresher before the actual UPCAT. The ambience is also very friendly and you would easily feel comfortable to be with the others. I recommend Review Masters 😀

Alexa Bianca Claro
upcat review naga candor section

Review Masters provided a very conducive program for students to learn, re-learn, and learn more.

Charlene Manalang
upcat review bicol self study

Sadly, I can’t thank you enough for everything. Basta salamat po talaga sa RM, ang laking tulong di lang sa entrance exams but sa future careers din namin. Thank you po ulit! More power 😀

Yves Albea
upcat review naga class

The RM experience was really great. I learned a lot of new things and I really had fun. I met new friends, and we had cool profs and facilitators. It was worth it. Sana nga pede pa iextend eh. Haha. Da best talaga ang Review Masters

Ella Bueza Sagario
unique upcat review bicol

My time in Review master was really an unforgettable part of my life, taking the review really help me in my entrance exams, thanks to Review Masters I pass the De La Salle entrance test and the USTET, also RM taught us some advance lessons that was really useful in our 4th year life. I recommend RM to those who are looking for an excellent,and fun review program.

Burt Oliver Go Co
upcat review class presentation

I was able to spend my summer wisely :)) Worth it ang ilang weeks ng review. It taught me a lot of knowledgeable things that helped me in answering the tests i took. Nakaka’enjoy at the same time naging productive pa ang summer ko. 😀 Thanks RM

Hyacinth Myrtle
upcat review legazpi section

With the help of RM, I was able to pass one of the big time universities in the Philippines. It also helped me learn information that I know would be essential all throughout my college life and gain new friends. Will always be thankful to RM 🙂

Jas Jumawan
upcat review materials

Review Masters is one of the reasons why I got admitted to my prefered school and passed all other entrance exams without breaking much sweat. Definitely a good recommendation for those who are planning to go to top schools. Go give them a holler now.

Karl Aaron Demesa Bayonito
review masters upcat review

Not only did I learn the important things to know and prepare for in the college entrance exams straight from UP professors themselves, but I also established new friendships through the different activities prepared for us during the review.

Vera Ayo
upcat review legazpi

Because of Review Masters, I had a productive summer. Not only because of our intelligent instructors but the experience itself is exciting. I was able to meet new people and had a lot new friends. Ang saya talaga ng RM The best Thank you for coming to Legazpi 🙂

Jocee Mae Ebdani
upcat review naga creative shot

Review Masters was an exciting experience. Throughout the 2-week review period, I didn’t feel the awkwardness in a different place, rather I felt like I was only studying in my own school, however with different teachers and different classmates and had new friends. It helped a lot especially in my upcoming college life. Being a student of Rm, they don’t only teach you, but they support you even outside the review session and period. Thank you so much RM :))

Franchette Yrish Defeo
upcat review naga erudite section

1) Review; 2) Review some more; 3) Review lots more; 4) Review even more; 5) Keep on reviewing; 6) Don’t stop reviewing; 7) Repeat 1 to 7. Thanks, RM. No regrets 🙂

Paula Bianca Samson
upcat review legazpi students

Definitely the best out there. You won’t find any better.

Rik James Zantua
upcat review class activities

There’s something about sa review na sobrang nagpasaya ng summer ko 🙂 Sobrang nakatulong ang review para maging ready ako sa mga entrance exams na itatake ko. Super enjoy. I never imagined na ganito kasaya ang magiging experience ko sa review. So awesome. Maraming new friends na makilala and maraming memories na ite’treasure. Review Master is really the best \m/ Wala nang tatalo sa review masters :))

Lorraine Frilles
review masters bicol reunion

I love the way Review Masters teaches us. It doesn’t feel like we’re in school because there are many fun activities for us to do everyday. RM taught us many things especially about success.

RM, you’re the best!!!! 🙂

Rommelie Abanes
upcat review legazpi creative shot

No long words. Nasabi na nila lahat. Great job RM Legazpi! 🙂

Emil Maristela
upcat review legazpi students from masbate

Maraming salamat Review Masters sa lahat! khit nung umpisa feeling ko mahirap makahanap ng kaibigan..pero at least sa bandang huli may mga nameet akong bagong kaibigan galing masbate at sorsogon na sobrang bait! at enjoy kasama 🙂 sa mga teachers na inakala kong “strict”..pero un pla hindi nmn sila “strict”… sila ay mababait na mga guro..maraming salamat po 🙂 dahil sainyo po dito ko nagustuhan ang mga bagay/subjects na kinaayawan ko dti 🙂 pero gayun pa mn Review Masters is the BEST Review Center Ever 😀

Erap Callope
review masters upcat passers from pshs-brc

This is what they called, “Learning while having fun.” 😀
Review Masters is indeed remarkable when it comes to UPCAT review. And being part of it was all worth it. 😀
Thank you RM and more power!

Shardey Labastida
upcat review legazpi students from ligao

Review Masters gave me the best and nothing but the best summer review experience! 🙂 RM will really give you the edge to have the strongest conviction in preparing not just for college entrance exams but also what life awaits you when you get in college 🙂 I got a lot of new friends bc of RM also excellent teachers. Thankyou RM! 🙂

Alyssa Macinas
upcat review naga

Ang saya! haha Hindi lang basta review ang ginagawa everyday 😀

Sherwin Paul Babila
upcat review study sessions

Sobrang worth it yung experience sa RM.
Sobrang malaking tulong nung RM pagdating sa UPCAT 😀

Nicolas Grageda
upcat review legazpi class break

Thaaaaaaank You So Much! 🙂 This review center really helped me a lot during my preparation for taking UPCAT. It made me feel motivated and strong for the past months. It even helped me realized that in order to get what you want, you have to work hard for it. Thank You! Thank You! :)) Thank You Review Masters! :)) PS. Sorry kung may maling grammar. Haha. Minadali ko lang eh. :3 Sensya naaaaa.

Ninna Grace Afable
upcat review legazpi graduation

Great summer experience! And especially, I learned so much! Helped me through plenty of tests. Thanks RM! You’re the best! 😉 😀

Allan Earvin Burce