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UPCAT Review Seminars

One of the Less Known Facts about the UPCAT is that getting into UP is not just all about getting a High UPCAT Score.

In Fact, a LARGE chunk of the probability of you passing the UPCAT is settled way way before you enter the UPCAT testing room and answer the first exam question. Sadly, ordinary UPCAT Review Centers are in the dark as to how the UPCAT Selection Algorithm really works, so they cannot really help their students understand, predict and improve their chances.

The Review Masters UPCAT Review Plus Program in Bicol is inclusive of a seminar about the UPCAT Selection Algorithm. During this seminar, we teach our students how to maximize their chances of passing the UPCAT by carefully thinking about what to put in their UPCAT Application forms.

The UPCAT Selection Seminar also includes important information about the selection process like the UPG/EPG factors, the UPCAT Geographic Equity Round, the UPCAT Bonuses and Penalties, etc. Questions such as “Will choosing a “Non Quota” Course improve my Chances of passing the UPCAT?” are also discussed in detail.