UPCAT Review Plus Slot Reservation

Completely fill out the form below. You will know you have successfully reserved a slot if BOTH of the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. After submitting the form, you see a "Thank you for subscribing" text in green at the bottom part of the form (just above the Reserve Slot button); and
  2. You receive a confirmation email in your email address.

If condition #1 is satisfied but no confirmation email is forthcoming, then that could mean there was an error in the way you wrote your email address OR your email provider refused our confirmation email. In either case, please try filling out the form again.

Important: Submitting this Slot Reservation means you accept that we will send you updates via email and/or SMS on our review program, particularly enrolment updates. If you do not wish to receive email and/or SMS updates from Review Masters Bicol, please do not submit this form. Please be advised.
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