THIS IS THE ONLINE ENROLLMENT PAGE. THIS IS WHERE YOU ACTUALLY ENROLL AND PROCEED TO PAY WITHIN 5 DAYS OF PURCHASE. Orders unpaid within 5 days will be cancelled. You may repeat enrollment later when you’re ready. Or, if all you wanted to do is reserve your slot – not pay – please proceed to http://www.upcatreviewplus.com/reserve-slot/.

Important: Please be advised that if you wish to secure your preferred schedule, timing is everything. The slots in any given schedule are on a first-come, first-served basis. A reserved student is guaranteed a slot, of course, but it is not guaranteed whether that slot will be in his/her preferred schedule. For instance, if slots in the morning schedule run out, only the afternoon schedule will be available for purchase or enrollment (this applies even to booth registrations) until it, too, runs out; only then shall a new morning schedule be opened. Please be advised.

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